SnoreWare, Apnea detector


The evolution of Snorek and SleepApp into a mobile health application

SnoreWare, Apnea detector
SnoreWare AD, the natural evolution of SleepApp Full, is an innovative system that uses stored WW user and wearable Big-data to extract personalized and general conclusions. SnoreWare AD models each user and wants to predict user behaviors.For example, if it can model the sound of snoring that produces a long silence, we could think that this is a Sleep Apnea occurrence. If in future nights we identify a similar snoring to that that produced the "long silence" we could warn the user (without waking him/her up) before it happens and avoid it.

Many are the difficulties. Sleep Medicine: clinical validation and certification in the country where it will be used. Also it must be able to warn the user without impacting his sleep phase. Technology, not only getting reliable data for any user and every smartphone-type but also processing the signal digitally to identify snoring, silences, talking, street, health condition or neighbor noises and filter them to extract significant sound information and conclusions. Part of the solution are wearable devices and e-textiles that interact with the user in a certain way and compete with CPAP devices. And running on a last generation mobile phone with a reliable internet connection, an always updated OS, certified software versions and devices processing personalized data in the Cloud and in almost real-time to warn the user with wearables, e-textiles and others. Exciting. Isn't it?

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