Fireside Chat with Mary Grove

Thursday, 17 March 2016 Categories Enterprise, 2016

The Entrepreneur "Crème de la Crème" in Berlin

Fireside Chat with Mary Grove
On Wednesday 16th 2016 we had the opportunity to listen to Mary Grove during the Fireside Chat held at the Factory building in Berlin. Mary Grove is the director of Google for Entrepreneurs, where she leads the company's programs and partnerships to support startups and entrepreneurs in over 100 countries. She earned her BA and MA from Stanford University and sits on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. She has also co-founded Silicon North Stars, a nonprofit that connects youth from the Midwest to Silicon Valley.

During her talk, Mary Grove explained us briefly her personal and professional career and answered questions from the Factory CRO about reasons and objectives of Google for Entrepreneurs. One of her passions is to create communities and has worked with entrepreneurs from Pakistan, Iraq, Gaza and Afghanistan. She is also co-founder of Silicon North Stars, a non profit organization connecting young entrepreneurs from regions more or less far away with Silicon Valley.

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