Selected by Google

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Launchpad Berlin 2015

Selected by Google
One of the objectives of every Startup is to achieve visibility and credibility in terms of project idea and capacity to make it happen. A Team is also a part of the puzzle to atract possible investors.

SnoreWare is the evolution of SleepApp that at the time is the evolution of Snorek. The project was growing high, thousands of users had installed the App and it was becoming a disruptive project.

On February 2015 Google let us know we were accepted to the Google Launchpad programm, a one week pre-acceleration Bootcamp to put the startup under a magnifying glass . This was just to begin, another recognition to our efforts. A year before we had been awarded with the Google Startup Pack, $20.000 in Cloud Computing resources to bring Snorek to the next (medical) level.

During the five days we got in touch with experts in the fields of idea validation, user experience, marketing, technology and pitching. We got very interesting tips, some of them surprising, becoming a huge shake for the project and its scope. There was a before and an after. A lot had to be done. It was an injection of feedback that like a Vaccine produced a strange reaction. But after recovering, we were stronger and were better prepared to continue our journey towards our endeavor.

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